This page is for all of those websites that give us good advice on lesson plans, classroom management, etc.

Literacy lesson plans: This website lists books that can be used as mentor texts for each common core standard. It is a wonderful resource! Just click on your subject, and then the grade level. Under each standard is a link to click on to get to the mentor text list. I love this site! The author lists great books to use as mentor texts in literacy. This site has a wonderful list of units to go with each book. A great blog with ideas on using picture books to teach A site with great lesson plans for sale I love this site! You can buy lesson plans or get over 30,000 of them for free! This requires a subscription, but the price is worth the amazing lessons you get! Tons of great lesson plans! A list of great read alouds to teach the importance of rules

Reading/Writing workshop: Guided reading in the upper grade classroom A great website for ideas to help boy writers Helping struggling students with writing

Other websites for teachers: Browse lesson plans uploaded by other teachers Helps you create lesson plans An online note-taking website Lots of common core lesson plans Find many technology tools on this site (Jeopardy template, random name generator) Learn anything through this site! Discuss education ideas with other members Conference and workshop handouts by Frank Serafini This site has grant opportunities and other good advice. Ways to use Wordle in the classroom How to use Windows Movie Maker Another Windows Movie Maker tutorial Turn anything into a lesson plan!