Reading websites: Books read aloud by celebrities and authors Reading is Fundamental! activities for kids Interactive reading websites A literacy site whose missionis to help boys become lifelong readers A great site for teens who like to read This is a site for older students and teens. It is described as "A guide into the world of reading for guys." But, I enjoyed many of the books that were reviewed! Books for middle school students, especially boys A great list of funny books!

Writing websites: Wordle - Love this site! Students can publish their own book 3-D storytelling site Story Jumper - Students can publish their own children's book! Publishes student writing Publishes student writing Another great website where students can create their own book. This site helps students create a book report. Everyone loves mad libs! Another fun mad lib site. Helps students create acrostic poems. Helps students write a story. Kid Scribe: A bilingual site for kid authors


A Word document listing 40 websites for educational games. Most are free, but some require a login. A site to use with students. Great for asking questions! A site with news for kids Helping students learn how to question